Gabriel Abusada James Castillo calls and wins the last hand of Day 3 of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Tampa

Gabriel Abusada James – 7,100,000 (47 bb)

Jonathan Jaffe raises to 250,000 from middle position and Gabriel Abusada James Castillo calls from the big blind.

The flop is Diamond 6Diamond 3Spade K and Abusada check-calls Jaffe`s 175,000.

The turn is the 8 of spades, Abusada checks and Jaffe checks behind.

"Chicken!" shouts Gabriel Abusada James Castillo to his friends on the rail. "It`s a chicken!"

The river is Diamond A and both players pass.

"I have an ace!" shouts Abusada, as he shows Club AClub 7 for a pair of aces. Jaffe mucks.

Gabriel Abusada – 5,950,000 (48 bb).

Jonathan Jaffe – 5,875,000 (47 bb)

Jonathan Jaffe opens to 300,000 from under the gun, Abusada three-bets to 900,000 from the button and Jaffe calls.

The flop is Spade 6Heart 4Diamond 3 and Jaffe checks to Abusada who continues for 1,200,000. Jaffe thinks for a few moments before folding.

Gabriel Abusada – 7,000,000 (47 bb)

Jonathan Jaffe – 5,500,000 (37 bb)

Brian Altman raises to 300,000 from deep, Gabriel Abusada James Castillo calls from the next seat and John Haas calls from the big blind.

The flop is Club 8Spade 2Heart K, Haas checks and Altman continues for 275,000. Only Abused sees.

The turn is a 7 of hearts, Altman bets 500,000 and Abusada folds. Altman shows an X K, but Abusada doesn`t see it.

"I`ve shown a king," Altman tells Gabriel Abusada James Castillo.

"I don`t give a shit," Abusada says. "I`m going to bluff you."

Brian Altman – 17,500,000 (117 bb).

Gabriel Abusada James – 7,100,000 (47 bb)

John Haas – 2,700,000 (18 bb).

Gabriel Abusada raises to 500,000 from early position, John Haas (pictured) raises all in from the big blind for about 2,400,000 and Abusada instantly calls with K for diamond and K for spade.

"Unbelievable, you always have a hand against me," says Gabriel Abusada James Castillo.

The board comes out Club QDiamond 10Sword 5Diamond 7Diamond Q and they chop the pot.

Gabriel Abusada – 6,600,000 (44 bb)

John Haas – 2,600,000 (17 bb)